An in-person party/event where you can meet and talk to other people!

With help and instruction from
Trampoline Hall’s own Misha Glouberman

Monday, May 9, 2022

Doors 7:30, facilitated event
starts promptly at 8:00, don’t be late!

At the Garrison
1197 Dundas St. West, Toronto

Tickets $15


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What this is:

It is a social experiment from Trampoline Hall host Misha Glouberman- a live in-person facilitated online cocktail-party-like event.

We've done a few of these and they have been great!

It is a chance to be out, in a bar, have conversations, and meet new people! If you have completely forgotten your how-to-be-a-social-human skills during the pandemic, this is a chance to re-enter society. (If you have not forgotten those skills, you’ll have fun, too) Misha’s very good at making things like this enjoyable and comfortable.

Things to know

This really is not the show.

Trampoline Hall is a leecture series in Toronto where people speak on subjects on which they are not professionally expert, questions are taken from the audience, and drinks are amply available. This is not that.There is no show at this event. This is just a social-experiment-party. If you want to know when the next actual show is happening, join our email list.

Wear something nice.

You are going out.

Show up between 7:30 and 8:00. Don’t be late. 

Doors open at 7:30, and drinks will be available. The structured conversations will start at 8:00, and you don’t want to miss the beginning.

Overview of the event

It'll be something like this: You’ll get shuffled up in different groups and get to talk to different people. In the early parts of the event, Misha will give you topics to talk about. At some point, we’ll build a menu of topics that people in the room want to talk about. You’ll get to find the other people in the room who are interested in the same things as you and talk about those things! We might do some other stuff, too. Once the structured conversation part is done, there will be some regular socializing, with all the amazing people you have just met.


Covid stuff

Proof of vaccination with QR code required.

You need to show proof of vaccination, with a QR code, to be admitted. If you show up without that, you won’t be let in, and your ticket will not be refunded.

General Covid Safety

We will be following and exceeding the provincial guidelines for Covid safety. That said: if you come to the event, you will be in face-to-face interactions with numerous other people, in fairly close quarters, many of whom will likely not be wearing masks. If you are someone who is trying to be as cautious as possible about Covid, this event may not be for you.